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Ash and Darrow

I had the great pleasure of working with Hee for my engagement and family portrait shoots. From the get go, our email communication was easy and approachable. I knew from the moment I met her over iced coffee that she had the personality and charm that matched her beautiful artistry and photography skills. My fiancé and I struggled with finding a photographer whose personality felt like the right fit for us, especially because we are so camera shy. However, from the moment we began modeling at the Conservatory of Flowers, our anxiety melted away and Hee captured the best photos of us we have ever seen.She will make you laugh to get the most sincere smiles and loving candids, direct you with ease, and has a great eye for creative shots. When she shot my family portrait, I couldn't believe how happy my 85-year old grandmother was working with her - she has always been shy about smiling and doesn't speak much English. That said, Hee (who shares no common language with grandma) helped her come out of her shell and gave us memories I will always cherish. Not only is Hee a master photographer, but a friend with a high emotional intelligence and kindness that brings out the best in whoever is lucky enough to be her model. I cannot recommend her enough, and I can't wait to work with her on my wedding day and beyond!

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